Saturday, 7 August 2010

Yaay. :)

I bought quite a bit recently, some I'm happy with, others..not so much. :/ and I've been inspired to do a review of it :) I'll start from the left hand side, and work round. :)

Lush Colour Supplement, Multi - purpose base colour (Light Pink) - I really like this..but if I put it straight on, its still too dark for my skin tone..and since they didn't do a lighter colour, the assistant told me to buy some moisteriser to lighten the colour down. I've come home and tried it out with a moisteriser, and it works really well. It gives great coverage, and because of the moisteriser, it leaves my skin feeling smooth. Also, it doesn't feel like I'm wearing foundation, which is a plus. I give this a rating of..10/10. I think I prefer to mix my foundation with moisteriser, it makes it go further. :)


Umberto Giannini Sleek & Chic, Salon Straight Blow Dry Cream - Omigosh. This works amazingly. Amazingly? Is that even a word? ehh..anyways. I washed my hair this afternoon just to try this out, you wash your hair as normal, then, just before you start to blow dry your hair, put a small amount of the cream in your hands, and work it through your hair..don't put it on your hairbrush then brush it through, my friend did that, and it made her hair look greasy in one part of her hair. xD Then, just blow dry as normal, you don't have to brush and keep the hairdryer on your hair..I just swish the hairdryer around, and it worked fine for me. :) I give this 10/10.


Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisteriser - This is goood stuff. :) It comes out a bit..lumpy, but smooth it out and it works a treat. :) I use this with my Lush Foundation, and it gives me a nice coverage. 10/10.


Trick and Treatment (Soap & Glory Concealer) - Hmm..this is a tricky one. I like it, because it goes on nicely, its easy to apply, but once again, its slightly too dark for my skin tone..and there was only one shade. It works okay with some moisteriser. 9/10. I think to improve, it could be available in different shades for different skin tones.


Johnson's 3in1 facial cleansing wipes - Ahh <3 I love these. They remove all my make up, even water proof mascara. It tones my skin, and leaves it feeling moisterised. Also, they are a nice size, but I cut them in half, because I don't need a full one, so they last longer. :) 10/10.


Jaime Paris Top (from River Island) - Ahh, I fell in love with this top when I first saw it, but it was £18 (I think?) but had been reduced to £ it was a need for me. :) This top is really comfy and goes with alot of outfits. 10/10. :D


Thats it for now I think..please comment if you have found any good buys recently. :)

Friday, 6 August 2010

Ooo..IYA. :D

well..hello. :)

I've wanted to write a blog for a while now..I have no idea what about..but..I'm sure I'll figure something out. :) Actually..scrap that..this is going to be about my summer. :)

So far..I haven't really done much..I've been on holiday to the Dominican Republic, been to the cinema (Toy Story 3 & Shrek Forever After = AWESOME :]) and revised. Woohoo. I'm going to a waterfight soon..which is going to be the towns biggest..can't wait. :)

Well..I guess thats it for now, adios.